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The architectural explorer

Discover the beta version of mapsarch & join a community of enthusiasts



Rediscover architecture through an appealing and aesthetic interface featuring the most interesting projects.


Connect with other enthusiasts around the world and enhance the content available on mapsarch together.


Add depth to your architectural culture and develop your network with professionals active on mapsarch.


Find all architectural projects on a map

Each building published on mapsarch is displayed on a map and is associated with a sheet containing various photos and key information. These sheets are initially created by the authors of projects and are then continuously updated by mapsarch users.


Access content published by other enthusiasts

The timeline includes all the new publications and actions of your contacts on mapsarch. It can be a new building published by your favorite architect, a photo added by a colleague, or a sketch that several of your friends liked.


Like, share and interact with the community

The actions of a user on mapsarch are summarised on their profile. Users can share their sketches, comments, and photos with the community. They can also pin their favorite projects and connect with other users, whether they are architects, business managers, or simply friends.


Explore a wide range of projects and profiles

The discovery tab highlights relevant content based on your searches and interests. Buildings, profiles or notes that are currently trending are also proposed. For enthusiasts, professionals and curious people, the promotion of built heritage is now possible through mapsarch !


Are you an architect? Add your projects

mapsarch is designed to highlight your expertise. Therefore, your presence on this professional social network is essential! In addition to increasing your visibility on the construction market, mapsarch is a useful working tool: a source of information and inspiration, a storage space for your notes and sketches, and a repertoire of your projects in order to make it easier for you to send in suitable references to potential employers. Register now to access our interface !


Boost your presence on the construction market

Any company that has carried out work on a building becomes a key actor in its construction. With mapsarch, it is possible to detail the work you have done on a building and have your expertise recognised by professionals in the construction and architecture industry. Various offers are available for companies that want to be displayed on the building sheets. Click below to find out more about this service!