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About us

mapsarch is a Swiss company based in Geneva. Initially co-founded by three entrepreneurs, mapsarch is constantly expanding its network of companies and individuals active in the construction and architecture industry in order to provide new, high-quality content. This content is delivered through an entertaining and intuitive interface, providing a rich experience for its users. Bringing architecture to the forefront and highlighting the built heritage as well as those involved in its construction is now a simple task with mapsarch.

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The concept

A social network dedicated to architecture

mapsarch is much more than a simple source of information on architectural realisations, it is an interactive application that brings together architects, construction professionals and others whether they belong to the architectural industry or not . Each user enriches the available content, by adding buildings, notes, events, or by sharing his or her experience with the community. In addition, communication between individual users and companies is encouraged by this professional and interactive social network

Our vision

Architecture in the present

Thanks to new technology , the virtual tour of a building is now much easier. With just a few clicks, it is possible to find a building that suits your tastes, collect relevant data as well as consult the photos and comments. Each building is also linked to an address thus inviting users to visit the building in person as well. The preservation and appreciation of the built heritage is now happening with mapsarch.


Contribute to this project

mapsarch is an ambitious project that cannot exist without your support. Sign up to be notified as soon as the app is released. You can also support us by sharing mapsarch with your friends and colleagues; this would be an enormous help for us. It is also possible to contact us, especially if you wish to collaborate with our teams by becoming a consultant or partner of mapsarch.

The mapsarch team

Our team is dedicated to promoting and popularising architecture through a user-friendly, interactive and professional interface. mapsarch currently works with five developers and web designers to build an interface that meets these criteria.

Early-Adopters & Consultants

Become an advisor

mapsarch is assisted by a group of architecture experts, both in the selection of projects and in optimising and tailoring the application to your needs.

 Mentor Rexhepi profile picture
Mentor Rexhepi

Business Consultant

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Rita Lisboa


Mathieu Forte profile picture
Mathieu Forte


Hugo Ferreira profile picture
Hugo Ferreira

Full Stack Developer

Marion Ducellier profile picture
Marion Ducellier

Real Estate Project Manager

Jordi Oriol profile picture
Jordi Oriol


Mohamed Ahmed profile picture
Mohamed Ahmed


Paula Martinez profile picture
Paula Martinez

Architect & Communication

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Daniel Da Cruz


Fitim Lekiqi profile picture
Fitim Lekiqi


Elisa Primiceri profile picture
Elisa Primiceri


Arbër Haxhimusa profile picture
Arbër Haxhimusa

Architect Student ENS

Ramon Gavinio profile picture
Ramon Gavinio


Arslani Mirson profile picture
Arslani Mirson


Cedric Vaezi profile picture
Cedric Vaezi

Real Estate Project Manager

Benoit Hauviller profile picture
Benoit Hauviller

3D Artist